Understanding wildfire suppression essay

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Insofar as it precisely lack of precipitation and increased heat and dryness in the atmosphere that increase the likelihood of wildfires, global warming is a good candidate for explaining why the severity of wildfires in California has increased over time.

Can We Change Default Responses? It is likely that the phenomenon of global warming is playing an important role in catalyzing the environmental conditions that are giving rise to more severe wildfires Union of Concerned Scientists.

The dawn of widespread fire suppression can be traced to the summer ofwhen a series of large fires blackened swaths of the Northwest.

Short Essay on the Recent Wildfire Season in California

Driven by drought conditions and the strong Diablo winds, the fires ripped through Mendocino, Napa and Sonoma Counties, burning ,00 acres, including vineyards, businesses and whole neighborhoods.

A similar situation is occurring in sagebrush ecosystems. In the aftermath of the fire, firefighters found a young bear hanging on to a charred tree with burns on its paws and legs.

One wildland firefighter, who asked to remain anonymous because he is not allowed to talk to the press, explained to me that the decision of whether to suppress a fire or let it burn can be as difficult as predicting the future. Thankfully, Gary Ferguson, author of Land on Fire: On the other end, hot and dry conditions are persisting longer into fall.

While biophysical characteristics are important in predicting locations of elevated wildfire risk, the social characteristics of human communities may help us predict locations of elevated wildfire impacts. Insparks from a weed cutter are thought to have led to an 8,acre fire Understanding wildfire suppression essay Santa Barbara County that torched 80 homes And earlier this month, an illegal campfire started in Rancho Cucamonga grew to 2, acres" paragraphs Some conservatives have blamed the fires on environmental protections that, they argue, have hindered the logging operations needed to keep forests clear of fire fuels.

A summary of the recent news regarding this event Comparison between the current wildfire season past wildfires The underlying causes of the severity of the current wildfire season Remedies to decrease the severity of wildfires in the future Backgroundon the California wildfires The scope of the recent wildfire season can be gleaned to some extent from the rather laconic tone of the headline of an Associated Press article written on the 20th of Septemberwhich states: In the long run, if the reversal of climate change cannot be achieved at the macro-level, then California will continue to experience increasing levels of drought and dryness, which in turn will continue to produce increasingly severe forest fires.

Reversing the trend regarding wildfires would thus entail addressing global warming as such. The Yellowstone fires of burned swaths of lodgepole pine forest and seeded the next generation, pictured here in Learn about other indicators in this section Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem.

Our primary focus is how to catalyze changes in fire manager behavior such that responses are safer, more effective, and capitalize on opportunities for expanded use of fire. Thousands more homes remain threatened" paragraph 2.wildfire suppression on private fuel management incentives, 3) externality problems when non- The third essay addresses the issue of wildfire insurance and risk mitigation policy in is a poor scientific understanding of the effectiveness of fuel management for wildfire risk.

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The evolution and current state of wildfire organization has important implications for the efficiency of wildfire suppression management today, particularly as it relates to assessing wildfire policy in light of changes in land values and landownership.

Understanding Wildfire: Human Contributions to, and Solutions for, Managing Fire-Prone Landscapes

Understanding Wildfire: Human Contributions to, and Solutions for, Managing Fire-Prone Landscapes An example of fire suppression effects on fuel load can be seen in the photo above. This is a picture of a forest in the panhandle of Florida (national capital of lightning strikes).

Fire Suppression

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Understanding wildfire suppression essay
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