Strategic management of haighs chocolate

This could not build the certification from the fair trade foundation.

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This has enabled the business to create the highest quality for its products and enabled them to protect the product quality. Recipes are provided through the shop, highly builds the brand.


Brands categorize the producer or source of a good and make possible for the customers and both companies as well as individuals to allocate accountability for its performance to a specific producer or distributor.

Haighs produce high quality and premium chocolates and is known as a very few providers. The action plan also incorporates the Australian packaging guidelines that are having the number of the principles with the fact that goals of it also reflect the same.

The prices of chocolates would differ on their size and flavour. It is the quality of customer experience and product quality, which accelerates the companies growth. Success of chocolate "Easter Bilby" as an alternative to the Easter Bunny. It is suggested to use related diversification in opening chocolate cafes in Australia, which allows them to grow their market share and reputation faster.

Customers are treated with extreme respect no matter what you are spending within the store. Internal Analysis The internal analysis process is aimed to point out the sustainable competitive advantages of the company.

It is also hard to transport packaged chocolate, due to temperature requirements. In it, the retailers operating in the niche locations will have the promotion with the network sales that is made up of. Better pallet management keeps sweet demand at bay: This process is used by the means as to represent the products that are to be made distributed in the random manner.

It also covered the important analysis of marketing mix such as product, place, price and promotion etc.

Strategic Management of Haigh’s Chocolate

This strategy needs to keep up to protect its product quality and its long history. Entry into the premium chocolate market would require new entrants a large capital investment for branding and product facilities.

Natural disasters like flood, drought might result in scarcity of a resource and force its price to an unfavorable level to manufactures. The regulations are aimed at maintaining high levels of food hygiene and protecting the consumers against health threats related to unsafe food.

Hire Writer Table of Contents 1. Standard packaging runs with the new kind of the designs that are given. Product innovation has been known as a strong driver for the growth of the industry and it remains the high level of differentiation from external competitors.Marketing back group Company back group Haigh’s Chocolates is a family company which is administrated by the generations of Haigh’s family.

After establishing by Alfred Haight inthe company is run by the next generations of Haigh’s family.

Strategic Management of Haigh’s Chocolate

. The specialty of Haigh’s chocolates is that is that it is a family owned chocolate brand with respect to manufacturing and retailing. Selecting the chocolates is the special status of Haigh’s chocolates in the chocolate industry of Australia.

The founder known as Alfred Haigh began the small ice cream and dessert store in the 20 th century. Haigh’s /5(14K).

Strategic Management Analysis for Thorntons, the UK's largest manufacturer and Retailer of specialist chocolates Words | 23 Pages.

Strategic Management Thorntons Case Study THORNTONS PLC CASE STUDY STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT COURSE OUTLINE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 INTRODUCTION 3 HISTORICAL. What do you think Custom Coffee & Chocolate’s mission is? The mission of Custom Coffee & Chocolate (CC&C), is to provide the finest quality possible of coffee and chocolate to their customers so they can indulge.

Essay Strategic Management of Haigh's Chocolate.

Haigh's Chocolates SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

targeting consumers seeking high quality premium chocolate, Haighs is one. Haighs being the exclusive chocolate brand with high risk of being substituted into other brand, brand loyalty is the key in Haigh’s success.

Launching of loyalty program, discount for seniors, and connecting its customers via social network sites are examples of building brand loyalty for Haighs.

[THEO CHOCOLATE CASE ANALYSIS] November 10, References Cadle J. & Paul D. and Turner P.‘Business Analysis Techniques: 72 Essential Tools for success’, Business management, BCS The Chartered Institute for IT /5(3).

Strategic management of haighs chocolate
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