Gunns and the australian pulp and

Please Like Me, received7th December Summary published: The complainant said that the discussion included inaccuracies and presented a one-sided view that was critical of the CDC.

A viewer pointed out that a report on child sexual assault charges against an Opera Australia singer included images of a different singer.

A listener questioned the accuracy of remarks made during an interview with Victorian Energy Minister Lily D'Ambrosio, in which it was reported renewables had generated more electricity than coal for the first time during the summer of An audience member complained that a post on the ABC News Facebook page about a traffic accident in the UK city of Manchester included Islamophobic comments from online readers.

News Online, 14th May Summary published: A number of factual statements in the programs were disputed by the complainants, who also complained that the coverage lacked material context and key viewpoints. Syria Strikes, 7th April Summary published: July PocketDocs, 9th May Summary published: A complainant said that the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network was referred to as being anti-Semitic in an online article.

News, 6th February Summary published: Four readers complained about an inappropriate and distressing image of a corella on a bull bar. The programme, to see a billion trees planted over 10 years, is part of the coalition agreement between Labour and New Zealand First.

Singh became a mother to two sons whilst at university. A viewer complained that a music video clip included coarse language inappropriate to the time it was broadcast. Having a similar impact on the wood supply chain are the rapid advances being made in loading and transporting wood.

A viewer complained that an episode of the program on ABC ME inappropriately showed children making a solar food dehydrator using sheets of polystyrene in a black box to heat and dehydrate apples for human consumption. The Border Watch Comment on this story Robotics opportunities in forestry being explored Forest safety, improving productivity and getting workers off the felling site has been a major push for forestry managers, forest owners, logging contractors and equipment suppliers to modify their wood harvesting operations over the last few years.

Lateline, 12th September Summary published: A ABC Melbourne listener challenged the accuracy of a segment on the importation ban of the Adler shotgun. A viewer complaint that a presenter inaccurately referred to China and India as not being in the Paris Agreement.

A Leader in Sustainable Forest & Environmental Management

The complaint primarily concerned accuracy, but also raised issues relating to corrections and clarifications and fair and honest dealing.

A Memoir by Magda Szubanski. News Online, 18th February Summary published: Two documents were released in part with deletion of exempt material. Over the years, Forecaster has helped New Zealand forest owners manage their forests by generating and testing scenarios across the whole spectrum of forestry activities, from forest planning through silviculture to harvesting and marketing.

Nine complainants raised various concerns about coverage of corporate tax rates in two News Online stories: A viewer complained that vision of demonstrators being shot in South Africa was included in a report without warning.

An online reader challenged the accuracy of a report which stated that a robot had been detained by police at a political rally in Moscow, with authorities attempting to handcuff the machine.

Several viewers raised concerns about an interview with Mal Brough, Special Minister of State, including that it was inaccurate and biased.

A complainant raised several concerns about the coverage of the Isaac Regional Council and Adani Australia funding agreement including factual errors. A complainant raised several concerns including that reports on the search for MH were inaccurate and lacked impartiality and that the program failed to correct an inaccuracy.

AM, 15th May Summary published: Blackfish Promotion, 8th November Summary published: A complainant raised concerns that a ABC Canberra report on the Geelong Star fishing vessel did not achieve balance or provide listeners with a diversity of views.

Fireman Sam received26th July Summary published: A viewer pointed out that the finance report incorrectly stated that the All Ordinaries had fallen 4. Behind The News, 4th June Summary published: AM, 26th October Summary published:The sun could be setting on operations such as this pulp mill at South East Fibre Exports in Eden in NSW.

Credit: Jay Cronan Forestry is one of the most disrupted industries in the country. Lisa Maria Singh (born 20 February ) is an Australian politician who is a Labor Party member of the Australian Senate for was previously a member of the Tasmanian House of Assembly, representing the division of Denison from to The granddaughter of an Indo-Fijian member of the Parliament of Fiji, Singh is Australia's first federal parliamentarian of Indo-Fijian ancestry.

Wind farms in Tasmania: a page of Wind in the Bush Wind in the Bush aims to be the most informative, comprehensive, and up-to-date pages on Australian wind power and wind farms. Illustration: Rocco Fazzari ''All the evidence would say that the percentage of wealth in the world, and certainly in western countries, is falling into fewer and fewer hands,'' Mr Cousins said.

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Forestry industry out on a limb

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Gunns and the australian pulp and
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