Case study of architect dr ken yeang

After that, it also reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation and the last is protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity.

EDITT Tower Singapore: Ecological Design in The Tropics

Information about the H2O and the pipes in Peckham library edifice could non be found, as the people in the library stated that such information is confidential.

The roof had imported steel deck roofing for the sky gymnasium and the local tiles on the strengthened concrete slab on the roof terraces and also coated mild steel outrigger for the roof top composition and mezzanine.

There are plentifulness of energy types: The feature of the modern style is the design using a aesthetic focus on the vertical and horizontal brand and especially in International Style modernism. The design of the Menara Mesiniaga is non utilizing the technique of soaking to the edifice, it merely works it at outside of edifice.

The H2O in Peckham Library is black H2O, which means that it is used merely in the sanitation system of the edifice, as the library does non supply other countries that H2O is needed.

The available day lighting benefit to all the buildings can relate heating and cooling impacts and means of control are essential. Together with the protection of shading the major goal is to safeguard the building from overheating during summer time with by strategically putting external or internal, vertical and horizontal blinds.

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In some cases, this ambient energy is utile instantly or stored for later usage and in other instance. Menara Mesiniaga had been builder with a footing Malayan edifice and it development to a modern manner edifice by utilizing his rule.

The main idea and concepts for this building is using the sky gardens that serve as villages, spiralling vertical landscape, recessed and shaded windows on the east and west, curtain wall glazing on the north and south, single core service on hot side-east, naturally ventilated and sunlit toilets, stair ways and lift lobbies and spiral balconies on the exterior walls with full height sliding doors to interior offices.

Ken Yeang was designed Menara Mesiniaga with some aims: The thickened first floor slab over the plaza functions bioclimatically as an evaporative-cooling mass to the public realm below.

In term of climatic condition: The selection of materials is quite responsive to human comfort level. Ken Yeang was designed Menara Mesiniaga with some targets: The available twenty-four hours illuming benefit to all the edifices can associate warming and chilling impacts and agencies of control are indispensable.

Case Studies...

The Windowss in the ceiling and the Windowss on the sides of the edifice let a large sum of visible radiation to come indoors, but unreal visible radiation is besides used because there is non adequate visible radiation during winter clip or in the early forenoons and late eventides.

The building has an ecologically-linked vegetated pedestrian walkway ramp that is 1. The incorporation of two hundred square feet of green patch in front of the building on the east road and utilization of large tree and lake on the west as cooling device for the apartment buildings create a balanced interrelation with building configuration in opposing the unstable climatic conditions of Dhaka.

Besides that, the ceiling also had imported the mineral fibre board for office areas and lift lobbies and the fibrous plaster and gypsum board for ground floor reception, auditorium and exhibition space.


Menara Mesiniaga is a modern architecture and modern architecture has few characteristic. She has also worked in Foster Associates for a few years in United Kingdom.pipes for deep plan office buildings: a case study of Ken Yeang's bioclimatic skyscraper proposal for KLCC, Malaysia.

In: ANZAsCA, Wellington, New Zealand. National design policy govt of india 8th feb Design for Design education Design centres vision exports innovation hubs Design Design for Designed in for industry India made quality for the world Design Policy Constellation 2 / 10 Design innovation centre.

bangalore Background Study Co-ordinated by: Dr.

Case Study of Architect Dr. Ken Yeang

Ken Yeang. Architect. Han Tümertekin. Architect. Michael B. Lehrer. President. H. Serhan Süzer. President. Faruk Göksu. Case Study #1 New Ports of Istanbul - Istanbul as a Home Port Galata - Haliç - Haydarpaşa Prof Dr Gürsel Öngören, Gyoder Asistant General Manager Prof.

Arzu Erdem, Kadir Has University.

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"I'm an ecologist first, an architect second." Ken Yeang, Ecoarchitect "One of the 50 people who could save the planet." The Guardian. Find out more. CASE STUDY: SOLARIS BUILDING Owner: Architect: Overview of Study soilBUILD BUSINESS SPACE rEIT GREEN MARK platinum RATING - THE HIGHEST CERTIFICATION GRANTED BY bCA'S GREEN MARK T.

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Case study of architect dr ken yeang
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