A comparison of freud jung and adlers key issues

Freud initially disliked the principles of Nietzche unlike Adler who had been an avid supporter. Vaughan has written "the authoritative, dogmatic manner of its presentation…favored the rise of spirited opposition it its train" p.

He believed the conscious aspect of the human mind was a powerful component in creating goals, and making choices. Adler was the first psychoanalyst to emphasize the fundamental social nature of humans.

The therapist summarizes and interprets information from the client and develops a treatment plan that includes freeing the client from overriding negative personal life narratives. William James and the Psychology of Emotion: Freud thought a professional should do the analysis of dreams Freud, ; whereas James believed that anyone could self reflect Hart, They conscious of their inferiorities and conscious of the goals for which they strive.

Even if this claim seemed to have little bearing back then due to its untestable nature, many Freudian followers today continue to support him especially with the advancements in nerve cell analysis and the study of neural pathways.

Credit is given to Jung for his fundamental role in shaping the early years of psychoanalysis, as he was intimately associated with Freud Casement, It is apparent to most students of psychological theory that these experiences weighed heavily in the development of his theories, especially that of the inferiority complex that he believed was highly A comparison of freud jung and adlers key issues in motivating human behavior Corey, Culture and Psyche, 2 2 Muskingum College Department of Psychology.

Jung, Adler, Horney, and Erikson and Freud

Adler saw man to be motivated by the prospects of future prospects, Boeree, Freud followed his own path from a deterministic view with the belief his choices were dictated by his heritage. Although continued debate ensues, no one doubts their contributions remain at the forefront of psychological thought Goodwin, Transactions of the Charles S.

Transactions of the Charles S. Both assume that a person has an inherent nature that shapes his or her personality. Adlerian therapists use the technique of uncovering the past, as does Freud, although Adlerian therapists uncover early recollections to more articulately understanding the client Corey, It is due to these factors that Freud's major concepts include that the experiences that an individual has in their very early childhood coupled with their inherited genetic personality traits leads to conscious and unconscious drives that affected individuals behavior throughout their lifetime if not addressed through therapy etc.

Notes with reference to Freud,Jung and Adler. The Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 12 3 This essentially means that an individual's repressed memories, as well as experiences that they have had during childhood and throughout the lives that are within their subconscious, are largely responsible for the desires and or drives that these individuals have that cause them to act in certain ways.

It proposed that, every individual had the will to be assertive at times when their needs and desires were frustrated. Nevertheless, the Freudian principle on the fragmented human being remained the dominant thought for understanding human psychology.

Difference Between Adler and Freud

Case approach to counseling and psychotherapy 7th ed. Psychoanalytic Psychology, 23 2 He indentified the psychosexual stages; the oral, anal, phallic, latency and the genital stages and developed fixation, a concept in which improper or inadequate response to any of the stages generated conflict.

Whereas Freud believed sexual tension was one of the basic human drives, Adler believed people are motivated by social relationships. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 33 4 Freud had no tolerance for theories that diverged from his own and eventually Adler parted ways with him.

A primary difference in therapies was Freud's focus on the narrow scope of early childhood and it's affects but Adler's therapy focused on the present. Freud thought human behavior was determined mostly by the past, and people were not free to make choices, but were compelled to react to internal and unconscious directives Corey, Disagreement with Freud's Sexual Motivation Jung and Adler, previously associated with Freud, disagreed with his theories of sexual motivation and psychosexual development Putnam, He also believed that if neurotic symptoms began in childhood, some of the adult behavior would continue to reflect the age at which the individual stopped developing White, Similarities and Differences Key concepts and unique attributes Freud's psychoanalytic view was deterministic with little room for external influences in future decision making, but Adler believed the past continues to influence the choices people make throughout their lives.

The most significant difference in perspectives is between Freud and James. They are motivated by social and not by sexual interest. Historical development It is interesting to note Adler's initial life experiences were characterized by the stress of illness and his feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, especially to his siblings.

In one sense, then, Adler is just as biological in his viewpoints as Freud. Humans are according to Adler, inherently social beings. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 33 4 Review of General Psychology, 4 1Mar 25,  · Adler's techniques intended a shorter length of therapy with a focus on a strong beneficial relationship with the therapist, definitive goals toward solving the client's contemporary issues, and an optimistic view of the client's ability to change (Corey, ) Freud's psychoanalysis, however, was a longer-term therapeutic investment, with a.

Mar 20,  · Freud is an Austrian neurologist while Adler is more of a medical doctor and psychotherapist.

Compare and Contrast the personality theories of Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler Essay

2. Adler stresses more on understanding the person as a whole being, whereas Freud, on the fragmented view of an individual’s ego, super ego and id principles/5(2). The theories of Freud, Adler, and Jung are considered classic theories because of theirhistorical significance and comprehensiveness (Nystul, M.

S., p. ). These men have had a vast influence on the art of counseling (Nystul, M. S., ). Compare and Contrast: Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler.

Two of the well known and respected names in psychology today are Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler. As psychologists in the study of the human mind, their theories varied greatly.

Jung used to work together with Freud in terms of understanding one’s consciousness. However their process of analysis were different and Jung refused to abide by his ways and so they split apart. Mar 25,  · Comparing Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler Initially, Freud and Adler collaborated in the development of psychoanalytic theory, but the relationship became strained and they parted ways after years (Corey, ).

A comparison of freud jung and adlers key issues
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