1960 presedential election

The Democrat was extremely telegenic and comfortable before the camera. Nixon was the clear winner. Bell won three Southern states, while Breckinridge swept the remainder of the South. A love story Shortly after his acceptance of the Democratic Party nomination for president, Kennedy and his wife smile and wave from the back of an open-top car in Massachusetts in July However, Nixon was plagued by bad luck throughout the fall campaign.

Hide Caption 19 of 19 While the debate's "cosmetic aspect" dominated the postmortem commentary, according to DuMont, Kennedy and Nixon did touch on weighty issues, including civil rights and the threats posed by communist China and the Soviet Union.

More than 66 million people watched out of a population of about million. A group of former Whigs and Know Nothings formed the Constitutional Union Partywhich sought to avoid secession by pushing aside the issue of slavery.

In the electoral collegeKennedy captured votes 34 more than was required to winwhile Nixon won The first televised debate A CBS camera flashes a second warning to those on stage. They were both from influential families and became superstars before he entered the White House. Kennedy was from a wealthy background and graduated from Harvard University.

The United States had become increasingly divided during the s over sectional disagreements, especially regarding the extension of slavery into the territories.

United States presidential election in California, 1960

Nixon decided to leave religious issues out of the campaign and hammer the perception that Kennedy was too inexperienced to sit in the Oval Office. Johnson was needed on the ticket to help carry votes from Texas and the Southern United States.

Henry Cabot Lodge in debates during a senatorial race -- Kennedy gained in stature simply by sharing the stage with his Republican opponent.

Radio listeners proclaimed Nixon the better debater, while those who watched on television made Kennedy their choice. Trumanwho was supporting Symington that he was too youthful and inexperienced to be president; these critics suggested that he should agree to be the running mate for another Democrat.

Nixon had previously sought Rockefeller as his running mate, but the governor had no ambitions to be vice president. Can freedom be maintained under the most severe attack it has ever known?Election Notes: In Mississippi, the eight Unpledged Electors voted for Harry Byrd (President) and Strom Thurmond (Vice President).

In Oklahoma, one Nixon Elector cast his vote for Harry Byrd (President) and Barry Goldwater (Vice President).

56a. The Election of 1960

Use the fields below to handle split electoral votes as well as the individuals to include in your interactive presidential election map. Review the FAQ for information on these and other features of the map. If you were watching television on the night of Sept.

26,you probably thought that the young Sen. John F. Kennedy had won that night's presidential debate. Yet if you heard the event on. The Presidential election of was one of the closest in American history.

John F. Kennedy won the popular vote by a slim margin of approximatelyvotes. Richard Nixon won more individual states than Kennedy, but it was Kennedy who prevailed by winning key states with many electoral votes.

1960: First televised presidential debate

On November 8,John F. Kennedy was elected president in one of the closest elections in U.S. history. He was the youngest man ever elected president, the only Catholic, and the first president born in the twentieth century.

Follow the Campaign from the Democratic National Convention to. The United States Presidential Election of was the nineteenth quadrennial presidential election to select the President and Vice President Breckinridge was the last sitting Vice President nominated for President until Richard Nixon in Republican Party nomination.

United States presidential election of 1960

Republican Party Ticket, Abraham Lincoln Hannibal Hamlin.

1960 presedential election
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